Varso Place

Warsaw, Poland

Varso Place is a mixed-use development in Warsaw, Poland. It features three buildings, and offers a total of 145,000 square metres. Preciosa Lighting worked directly with HB Reavis who acted as investors and developers to create six stunning installations.

Breath of Light, Preciosa’s award-winning Signature Design, inspired two of the installations. On the ground floor of the Varso 1 building, nearly 200 hand-blown spheres in crystal with bubbles, high quality optical glass, clear frosted glass, and opal hang sparkling from a skylight. A smaller version, using about 150 spheres, also hangs from a skylight on the ground floor of Varso 2. One might think installing chandeliers on skylights a risky endeavour, but Preciosa has done just that hundreds of times, all over the world. At Varso, we combined the skill and dexterity of our fitters, forklifts, and scaffolding to create a bubbled cloud lit from above.

Glory, designed by Jaroslav Bejvl, Jr., is one of the solitaires in our Collections Lighting portfolio. Its simple minimalistic look is a favourite for contemporary spaces. We created an installation for the Varso Gallery using ‘clouds’ of Glory, hanging them on a rectangular polished stainless steel frame. The lights hang nearly three metres and the installation is three metres wide.

One last piece of glass art can be found in the entrance. Preciosa created a metal and glass design inspired by the Varso logo.