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Billion Pixels

London - United Kingdom



Billion Pixels

Have you ever walked into a space and felt it? The emotions, the colours, the light? In London's Sky Innovation Centre, we crafted an interactive lighting installation based on our Siganture Design Pearl Curtain. It connects the dynamic properties of crystal with the world of news and entertainment.

A wave of pixel lights. Billion Pixels is a rare lighting installation. This piece of lighting art connects people at Sky's Innovation Centre.
The Sky team can play with many vibrant and changing colours to provide a unique experience for visitors and staff.
Billion Pixels is based on Preciosa’s Signature Design, Pearl Curtain. This customizable concept is created from Triplex Opal spheres and is perfect for large open spaces.


Billion Pixels

Watch Billion Pixels, dynamic, programmable lighting installation bursting with imagination. Billion Pixels is a memorable introduction to an innovative space at the Sky Innovation Centre in London.

In this video, Ceri Sampson, Group Executive Creative Director: Brand and Design, Sky TV describes his vision for the bespoke lighting at Sky Innovation Centre and what it was like to work with Preciosa Lighting.

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Making of - background image

Project in numbers

  • 1276 hand-blown glass spheres
  • 850 kilograms of weight
  • 8 x 4 metres in dimension
  • 6 dynamic lighting scenes


Lukáš Uliarczyk

Lukáš Uliarczyk

Lukáš has always been fascinated by the unpredictability and uniqueness of working with glass.

Light is the source of all creation, says Lukáš Uliarczyk.

Lukáš Uliarczyk Preciosa Lighting Lead Designer

Lighting possibilities

Light show

The Preciosa R&D team developed an entirely new programming loop for this installation. There are three functions, each with various colours and different requirements.

The program our team created allows us to combine all three of these functionalities into something seamless for the client.

1200x728-lighting-possibilities 1200x728-lighting-possibilities2

I would like to say a massive well done for the herculean effort of installing the beautiful billion colours installation over the last couple of weeks. It looks stunning, and the team that have seen it so far are blown away.

Jemma Hewson Producer Sky Creative

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