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Crystal Valley


Crystal Valley

Welcome to the heart of the oldest known Bohemian glassmaking region surrounding our hometown, Kamenicky Senov. Welcome to the heart of Preciosa Lighting.

Bohemian chandeliers have always been renowned for their superb craftsmanship. To this day our people have proven that when they work on major projects around the world, they have the skills and capacity to push the limits of our industry.
Despite new technology, some traditional processes in glass light production cannot be replaced with anything else. A perfect glass product will always require the glassmaker’s trained eye and touch of the hand.
At Preciosa Lighting, the use of 3D modelling, glass fibres, nanotechnology for treating glass surfaces, laser cutting and many more cutting-edge technologies, goes hand in hand with the skills of Kamenický Šenov master glassmakers who pass their craft down from generation to generation.


Welcome to Crystal Valley

Welcome to the hearth of Crystal Valley where cultural heritage of our ancestors meets secrets of master glassmakers and new technology. So no dreams are too large here.