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Whistleblowing in PRECIOSA-LUSTRY, a.s.

PRECIOSA-LUSTRY, a.s. (PCL) implemented Act No. 171/2023 Coll. Whistleblower Protection Act and publishes the following information in this regard:

  1. Current and former employees and persons who perform work for PCL or other similar activities may notify suspicions of possible misconduct in PCL, which is mainly of the nature of a criminal offense or a more serious misdemeanour or violates selected EU regulations. Notices are not usually used to resolve personnel matters or to resolve interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
  2. The notification can be submitted via the internal notification system here https://ethicshotline.eu/cs/notification/new/?client=00012645, in writing or verbally or upon request in person to the relevant person.
  3. Notification can also be submitted via the ministry https://oznamovatel.justice.cz/
  4. The notification is received by the relevant person, who is the chairman of the board of directors, e-mail whistleblowing@preciosalighting.com, phone +420 48811 3351.
  5. PCL excluded receiving notifications from a person who does not perform work or other similar activities for PCL according to § 2 paragraph 3 letter a), b), h) or i) of the Act.
  6. PCL does not accept anonymous notifications, the notifier always fills in the name, surname, date of birth or other information on the basis of which he can be identified.
  7. PCL instructed the relevant person about his rights and obligations.
  8. Only the relevant person may read the submitted notifications and will not provide anyone with information that could jeopardize the purpose of submitted notification.
  9. The relevant person assesses the rationale of the notification.
  10. The relevant person informs the notifier of the receipt of the notification within 7 days and of the results of the assessment of the reasonableness of the notification within 30 days, the deadline for the results can be extended in justified cases.
  11. All employees are obliged to refer the notifier with the notification to the relevant person or to the ethics line, to provide the relevant person with cooperation in handling the report, to maintain confidentiality about the facts resulting from the notification that they have learned about.
  12. PCL will take appropriate measures to prevent or correct the illegal state following the notification.

In Kamenický Šenov on August 1st 2023