Quality Policy

We adhere to the Quality Management System according to the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 Standard. The aim is to encourage our customers to trust in our company, its activities and products. We have therefore accepted the quality policy with a motto:

Diverse design, a single excellent quality!

To fulfil this basic motto, we observe the principles as follows:

1. Standard Quality Management System

a) The company management identifies with the provisions of the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 Standard and applies them within the entire company. The Standard regulates the relationship towards out-of-house suppliers, customers, employees, the competition, the public and state. Simultaneously it takes into account potential risks which exist within the above-stated relationships.
b) The Quality Management System has become an integral and organic part of the overall company management.
c) The company management applies the principle of constant innovations.

2. Quality improvement of orders

a) The primary goal of the company is to satisfy both current and prospective needs and desires of our customers.
b) In terms of a supply quality, we accentuate not only the technical part of our products but also our capacity to meet delivery terms, provide excellent service and ensure the accompanying administrative work.

3. Collaboration of our business partners

a) We pay close attention when it comes to our business partners and we prefer those who have implemented the quality management system, either a certified one, or the QMS verified by our company.
b) We check carefully the quality of supplies delivered to a company and we require their confirmation based on relevant documents (e.g. attestations, certificates, declarations of conformity).

4. Cooperation of employees seeking to achieve quality

a) Our greatest potential rests on qualified and reliable employees.
b) All employees know their responsibilities and what makes the contents of their work agenda. When working together they maintain professional relationships.


In Kamenický Šenov, as on 1 June 2018
Ing. Lucie Karlová