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Bringing the essence of Bohemian crystal onboard

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Light for palaces of the seas

Imagine yourself on a stunning yacht, where every detail is carefully crafted to match the serene beauty of the sea. In the world of luxury yachting, every detail is carefully considered, and lighting is no exception.

We specialize in bringing your vision to life with our bespoke lighting designs for yachts and cruise ships. Our team works closely with you to understand your unique style and the specific requirements of your space, ensuring that every lighting solution is tailored to your preferences.

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Crystal knowledge that grants limitless possibilities


Craftsmanship behind

All of Preciosa's work is done under one roof in Crystal Valley, where over 100 professionals come together to craft the perfect light. From the first sketch to the mock-up to production to finishing and assembling. Preciosa's pre-professional team ensure the highest quality and greatest attention to detail. Nearly all of our production is done by hand.


Cutting-edge technology

Preciosa’s in-house R&D department works alongside the designers through every step of a project, simulating and testing under sea conditions, always improving and innovating to find the best solutions for realising the design concept and then installing the finished piece onboard.


Safety above all

Before any lighting fixture graces the decks of a vessel, it must first withstand our four-level testing protocol. We leave nothing to chance, meticulously examining each component for durability and reliability. Even after installation, our dedication to safety persists through ongoing checks and maintenance, ensuring that every voyage is as secure as it is spectacular.

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Customization and personalization

When it comes to lighting for yachts and cruises, it's all about making it personal. Our clients trust us to create lighting that matches their style and space perfectly, whether they want a cozy hideaway or a lively gathering spot. We're here to make sure every moment on the water feels uniquely theirs.


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