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Preciosa DesignLab is a creative, collaborative space. It’s an exciting place for designers to have fun learning about, and exploring, crystal and light.

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Preciosa DesignLab presents the opportunity to explore crystal components with various treatments, colours and lighting sources; helping designers easily navigate through crystal’s optical, aesthetic, and illuminating properties.

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This is the place for designers to learn more about working with crystal and light and take their lighting visions from concept to completion. Discover the possibilities that come with designing bespoke lighting, with expert assistance and advice from our team. No matter where you are.

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Share your project and ideas with our lighting consultants. They’ll advise on working with crystal and various illumination options. Be inspired by the components and materials in our Preciosa DesignLab, either in-person or digitally available anywhere.

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From concept to completion

Designers and architects consider us part of the project team and include us in the early stages of planning and development. We sketch, design, create samples and renderings to illustrate exactly how the installation will look. Our global team goes where the project is and approaches every task with the highest level of dedication.

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From rendering and prototyping through to producing and installing, you’ll be working closely with our savvy team of in-house specialists at every point in the process. All of Preciosa’s work is done under one roof, where one hundred crafts come together to craft your perfect light.

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