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Hotel Mövenpick

Basel - Switzerland



Timeless modern is the theme chosen by architecture and design studio Matteo Thun & Partners for the new Mövenpick Hotel Basel in Switzerland. Preciosa Lighting’s ex­perience in creating statement lighting installations led to a collaboration to create a memorable staircase chandelier for the hotel’s lobby.

The chandelier stretches up through the staircase from the lobby to the fourth floor. The design follows the shape of the staircase and had to be carefully produced because of its unusual location.
The chandelier has more than 550 glass tubes ranging from clear to frosted glass. The base finish is a warm antique bronze. The stunning spectacle is more than 15 metres long.
Three different glass tubes with internal grooving were created. This impressive 3D pattern creates a unique scattering of the light.

Project in numbers

  • 500 glass tubes and more
  • 15 m long
  • 3 different glass tubes
  • 100 ceiling lamps in dining spaces


Other luminaries

Ceiling lamps

This lovely look was carried over into the dining spaces where we created nearly 100 ceiling lamps with the same impressive 3D pattern.

Wall scones

For the same spaces we also created 3 wall sconces, all with similar grooved glass tubes and antique bronze surface finishes.

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Project Info & Photos


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