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One&Only One Za'abeel

Dubai - UAE



Step into a Glowing Oasis

For the new iconic landmark of Dubai, One&Only One Za’abeel resort, Preciosa Lighting has artfully crafted 312 hand-blown crystal pieces, evoking the essence of an urban oasis nestled amidst the desert. Just as the dunes and winds shape the desert landscape, our exquisite lighting designs transform the hotel's 70 ex­clusive areas into a glowing oasis, merging the vitality of city life with the serene essence of the natural world.

Step into the grand lobby and be whisked away to the mesmerizing Crystal Grove, where 18 magnificent crystal trees dangle elegantly from above.
Each tree sparkles with crystal rods, meticulously crafted for individual control. This allows the hotel to choreograph dynamic lighting scenes and create ambience fit for an urban sanctuary.
7 stunning Pearl Drop Necklaces are breathing life and elegance into the all-day dining ambience. Crafted from 1456 handblown crystal spheres, each boasting a captivating optical diamond pattern. The gleaming crystal spheres invite a dance of light, enhancing the dining experience with sophisticated beauty.


Step into a Glowing Oasis in our video

Pearl Drop in detail

Project in numbers

  • 312 hand blown crystal pieces
  • 18 crystal trees in the crystal forest
  • 6992 crystal rods to create the forest
  • 45 metres of the longest Pearl Drop
  • 890 hand-blown triplex opal spheres to create the longest Pearl Drop

Lighting possibilities

Dynamic lighting installation

The Pearl Drop, winding along a breathtaking length of 45 m, can light up a hotel corridor with 12 different light scenes.

From neutral whites, to tones of purple, to scenes that combine the full range of RGBW and glow in a wide spectrum of colours.

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Other luminaries

The Majestic Pearl Drop

Immerse yourself in Preciosa’s Signature design, the Pearl Drop, a captivating focal point within the hotel's decor. With opalescent spheres exuding refinement and elegance, this design is a true masterpiece. Adorning three unique venues in the hotel, one installation stands out as Preciosa's lengthiest Pearl Drop creation to date. Spanning a remarkable 45 meters, it dazzles with nearly 900 hand-blown triplex-opal pearls, enveloping the spaces in a luxurious and sophisticated ambience.

Raw Crystal Allure

Drawing inspiration from the desert's raw elegance, this lighting installation showcases raw crystals in captivating shades of black and grey. When gazed upon from below, it conjures the intricate patterns of a desert rose, seamlessly merging organic allure with unrefined sophistication.

Crystal Majesty

Look up and behold the Crystal Majesty, a realm of wonder and lavish beauty, evoking memories of starlit nights, reminds us that beauty can surprise us in the most unexpected corners. This enchanting aura comes alive in the Grand Ballroom, outshining even Versailles' famed Hall of Mirrors with its 43 chandeliers. Within this space, sixty-two exquisite Rudolf chandeliers from the Collection’s portfolio cast their radiance.

Pearl Drop Allure

One of three unique spaces adorned with Preciosa's elegant Signature Design, Pearl Drop, is located in the Club Lounge on the 53rd floor. Above the Cocktail Bar, the Pearl Drop, made up of 154 hand-blown smoky matt pearls, will enchant you with its beauty.


A Visionary Urban Oasis

The One&Only One Za'abeel shines brightly as a symbol of architectural innovation and opulent living in Dubai. Known for its striking silhouette created by twin towers linked by the magnificent steel skybridge, The LINK. Suspended an awe-inspiring 100 meters above the ground, The LINK not only astounds with its engineering prowess but also positions One Za'abeel to secure the Guinness World Records title for the "Longest Cantilevered Building."
One&Only One Zaabeel

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