Stairway of Light

Crédit Agricole, Clermont-Ferrand, France

An interactive glow

An interactive lighting installation that sparkles and surprises. Let yourself be tempted by a little crystal magic in the atrium of Credit Agricole’s regional headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France. This is where our Signature Design, Breath of Light, reflects craftsmanship and innovation from every sphere.

Creating moments of delight

Creating moments of delight

During the day, the atrium is lit up with basic light scenes that sometimes resemble a soft sigh of light and sometimes, a light explosion. What makes the Stairway of Light so special is its interactive feature. The programmed scenes of the distinctive installation should act as both a welcome and a thank you to employees and customers. When guests arrive and meet the personnel, for a few seconds the lighting will put on a special sparkling show, creating an unpredictable experience for the visitors, an appreciation of their visit to the bank.

An interactive engineering challenge

Because of the atrium’s size and the interactive element requested, the Preciosa R&D team had an exciting challenge to bring all the requirements together in a single, breath-taking 14 metre tall crystal piece. The precisely tuned lighting scene changes when people meet in the space and displays a special effect. It’s immediately apparent their coming together created this sparkling surprise.

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The client´s vision brought to light

Our Signature Design, Breath of Light, was the structural inspiration for the installation. Breath of Light was recommended based on the client’s vision and the possibilities the design offered. We created different sizes, shapes and colours of the hand-made crystal spheres to complement what the client wanted the installation to communicate.

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Lighting with emotion

“Our job was to give meaning but also to make people feel good in the building. The building will be with people for many years, together with the chandelier. Preciosa perceived very well what we intended to create. Together, we created a living element of architecture that allows people to feel good in the space, both visitors and employees, because that is who this project is for.”

Michel Martiniani, designer for studio Tan Gram Sbaf

Lighting with emotion

Craftsmanship above all else

Every element of the timeless design is infused with meaning. There are 226 hand-blown crystal spheres, representing the bank’s branches, with different sphere shapes and sizes representing their customers' different types and characteristics. The variety of crystal bubbles creates a vertical path for the light. All components were crafted by the glass masters in Crystal Valley and were specifically placed so the desired effect would be easily experienced.

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