Crystal Breeze

Address Beach Resort


A Tranquil Crystal Breeze

Crystal Breeze brings a breath of freshness and harmonious elegance to the lobby of the Address Beach Resort. Discover how we brought this project to light.

Explore the delicate lighting artistry

Explore the delicate lighting artistry

To create a lighting installation that brought together two themes: the ocean and trees. That’s what our client requested for the Address Beach Resort. Crystal Breeze floats through the lobby, infusing the space with a sparkling harmony.

A floral flow

Made from crystal blossoms and leaves, it evokes the impression of a breeze, a path of blowing flowers travelling organically through the space. This floral route is defined at the beginning but then dramatically evolves through the area. It connects the interior space with the exterior view and fills the lobby with the purity and delicacy of crystal and light.

A floral flow
A creative collaboration

A creative collaboration

The scenery inspired the eye-catching installation in the hotel’s lobby. It brings together the stunning ocean view through the windows, the grown-up olive trees growing inside, and the space’s existing artwork. Taking inspiration from this beautiful backdrop, Senior Designer for Preciosa Lighting Dubai Anežka Závadová chose to craft blossoms and leaves in shades of blue. She worked with Mirage Interior Design Studio to create Crystal Breeze. “When you enter the lobby, it feels like time suddenly stopped; our installation creates the perfect feeling of serenity” said Ms. Závadová.

Hand-crafted perfection

Crystal Breeze is a custom floral ceiling installation. The focus is on the purity of hand-blown glass. It features crystal leaves and blossoms highlighted with pressed pearls. Some of the components are lit with LEDs. The hand-blown crystal, some with bubbles, some without, comes in four shades of blue: azure, sky blue, aqua, and cobalt. Each one was crafted with love and skill by our talented Lightkeepers.

By the numbers:

1300 hand-blown components
700 pressed pearls inside the blossoms
22 metres in lenght
12 metres in height


An unmissable landmark

The Address Beach Resort is located on the Dubai Marina’s beach front where the marina flows out to sea. Its unique shape makes it an unmissable landmark with views to the iconic Ain Dubai big wheel and Palm Jumeirah Island. The property’s main claim to fame though is on the roof: the highest infinity pool in the world, located on the 77th floor. Grand stairways on the hotel’s terraces allow visitors to walk from the beach up to the lobby level, which is where they can experience Crystal Breeze.

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