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Shangri-La Qiantan

Shanghai - China



Crystal Harmony

Crystal Harmony infuses peace and tranquillity into the heart of the Shangri-La Qiantan. See how we crafted this Bohemian crystal masterpiece.

Crystal Harmony features an automata, a mechanical device Preciosa Lighting first utilized in our Crystal Biosphere installation.
Shangri-La Qiantan, Shanghai was jointly designed by renowned international design studios Ga, STACK, Takenouchi Webb and HBA who took inspiration from nature and Shanghainese architecture and culture for the property’s design.
It tells the story of natural life, playfully portraying natural beauty and inspiring awe.


Watch the story of Crystal Harmony

Crystal Harmony

Yulan flowers

On the wings of nature

Harmony plays a symphony of serenity in the Shangri-La. It was inspired by nature’s awakening every spring. Its delicate form and gentle movements draw in visitors for a closer look.

Crystal Harmony installation in the lobby

Atmosphere of tranquillity

Its delicate form and gentle movements draw in visitors for a closer look. The sculpture introduces an atmosphere of tranquillity to the space and a peace that guests carry with them throughout their visit.

Crystal yulan flowers

Yulan flower petals

The Harmony sculpture features 45 crystal yulan flower petals and six pairs of crystal wings, all beautifully handcrafted in the heart of Europe. The wings gently move within the sculpture.

Crafting the glass components

Crafted with love by our Lightkeepers

The yulan flower petals were individually handcrafted by glass masters. The entire concept was crafted with love by our Lightkeepers.

Crystal Harmony detail background with flowers

Project in numbers

  • 2500 tons of weight
  • 45 crystal yulan flower petals
  • 6 pairs of crystal wings

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