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Changi Airport, Terminal 1




Garden Metamorphosis

The multi-award winning Changi airport offers a wealth of entertainment opportunities to amuse travellers between flights. During a refitting of terminal one, Preciosa contributed a bespoke dynamic installation entitled Garden Metamorphosis.

The concept presented was one featuring nature and the beautiful elements found in a garden.
The chandelier is inspired by a tree, from which the leaves fly and become butterflies. The butterflies are lit and a dynamic scene has been programmed which enhances the feeling of a transformation.
Designers wanted a chandelier that felt light and with colours reflecting a water/garden vibe. It should also bring a touch of luxury to the space.


Watch the story behind Garden Metamorphosis

Changi airport installation

Project in numbers

  • 650 hand-blown Bohemian crystal components
  • 10 metres long installation
  • 9 metres wide installation


Garden Metamorphosis



Preciosa designer Anna Králová worked with the design team to develop their garden theme. Each component is an original.

1200x1200_MakingofChangi_Singapore (9).jpg_fullhd
1200x1200_MakingofChangi_Singapore (8).jpg_fullhd


The architecture and interior design was led by RSP Architects Planners & Engineers, Singapore. Preciosa worked with the main contractor, Takenaka Corporation, Singapore.

1200x1200_MakingofChangi_Singapore (11)


Butterflies and leaves

The installation is made from hand-blown Bohemian crystal components including small and big butterflies and small and big single and double leaves. Each component is an original.

1200x1200_MakingofChangi_Singapore (5)

Metal components

The metal base is champagne and polished brass for a warm feel and the component colours include clear, frosted, partly frosted, pink, and lustre.

1200x1200_MakingofChangi_Singapore (1).jpg_fullhd (1)


Handcrafted in Crystal Valley

Each of the installation’s components was handcrafted in Crystal Valley in Czech Republic.


Crafted with love by our Lightkeepers

Flowers and butterflies were individually handcrafted by glass masters. The entire concept was crafted with love by our Lightkeepers.


Who is behind the project

Anna Králová

Designer Anna Králová

What Anna really adores about working with crystal is a method that allows her to be both creative and precise.

"Here, these leaves turn into butterflies which visually blend with the leaves. Just like in nature - when a butterfly sits on a flower or a leaf, it completely merges with it."

Anna Králová Preciosa Lighting Designer


Changi Airport

Changi Airport is a major international airport that serves Singapore, and is one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia. As one of the world's busiest airports by international passenger and cargo traffic, it has been rated as the "World's Best Airport" by Skytrax a dozen times, currently holds the title, and was the first airport in the world to hold the accolade for eight consecutive years.
Changi Airport

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