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Marriott Marquis Hotel

New York - USA



Pearl Wonder

Our crystal lighting shines all over the world. The fascination of glowing pearls has now rolled into the heart of New York City. Preciosa’s Sig­nature Design, Pearl Drop, lights up the Broadway Ballroom in the Marriot Marquis Hotel Times Square. Eight interactive lighting installations bring colour and excitement to every event held.

Our lights reflect the kaleidoscope of colour and energy that is New York City. We brought the thriving atmosphere of Times Square into the Broadway Ballroom.
The Pearl Drop installations set the tone for an enchanting evening. The design is flexible, and the luxurious components and materials can be customized. It is timeless yet utterly unique, just like New York City.
The Broadway Ballroom features the largest ballroom stage in the city and has been completely redesigned. The eight Pearl Drop fixtures are dynamic and shine with possibilities.


Watch the dynamic scenes of Pearl Wonder

PRECIOSA_Lighting_TriplexOpalKoule_vyroba_PrtSc_by_Patrik_Soldan (37)


Project in numbers

  • 4250 triplex-opal spheres
  • 8 lighting fixtures
  • 600 metres of total length
  • 12 centimetres in diameter, each sphere


Story of Pearl Wonder


Every year on December 31, tens of thousands of people gather in New York City to watch the historic Times Square Ball drop as the clock counts down to midnight. This Ball shines once a year, while inside the Marriott Marquis’ Broadway Ballroom, glowing crystal balls sparkle every night of the year. Our dynamic Pearl Drop, crafted with love in Crystal Valley, creates a buzzing atmosphere in the Big Apple.


Pearl Wonder draws from our Signature Design Pearl Drop. Inspired by the Dutch painting, "Woman Reading a Letter" by Gerard ter Borch, Pearl Drop is traditional in its reference to pearls but modern in the simplicity of its shape.



The Pearl Drop fictures we created for the Marriott Marquis feature hand-blown Triplex Opal spheres paired with a polished brass frame and black mountings. Each of the eight fixtures is about 40 metres in length.


We crafted 4,250 Triplex Opal spheres 12 centimetres in diameter for the Marriott Marquis. We then shaped them into eight swirls and installed them on the ballroom’s ceiling. We craft every piece with loving care at our production facility in the Crystal Valley. The hand-crafted elements create one-of-a-kind lighting for every project.

Making of Pearl Curtain


Lighting possibilities

We can bring a kaleidoscope of colours to dynamic lighting fixtures. Red, blue, green; what about coral, indigo, or jade? For the Broadway Ballroom, we created a programme that allows hotel staff to set their own colour schemes. Some of the pre-set scenes include the colours of the American flag.

The dynamic lighting scenes are in complete control of the client. With the system Preciosa designed, each lighting fixture can be programmed with its own colour scheme, or all eight fixtures can share the same scene. This flexibility creates a unique and magical experience for every event.

Preciosa.Marriott.Marquis-13 Preciosa.Marriott.Marquis-14


The New York Marriott Marquis

The New York Marriott Marquis is an iconic hotel of Times Square. Guests have the heart of New York City on their doorstep, with many must-see attractions within walking distance. Originally opened in 1985, this celebrated hotel went through a complete renovation of its guestrooms, public spaces, restaurants, and meeting and event spaces. One of the highlights is a dynamic version of our Signature Design, Pearl Drop, in the Broadway Ballroom.
The New York Marriott Marquis

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