Pearl Drop


Enthusiasm for the past leads to contemporary creation for the present

Pearl Drop Brought to Life

Pearl Drop is a statement lighting piece, classic in its reference to pearls but modern in the simplicity of its overall shape.

This sparkling treasure was inspired by the 15th century painting “Woman Reading a Letter” by Gerard ter Borch. The initial design was created by Studio Tjep.

Crystal Simplicity

Crystal pearls, created from triplex opal and crystal are threaded with smaller metal spheres. This creates a gentle distance and contrast between each pearl, hinting at the tiny knots found on actual pearl necklaces. Because of the simplicity of the components, the design can be constructed into a variety of shapes.

Crystal Valley

Crystal Valley, Bohemia is the home of Preciosa Lighting. Thanks to the region’s natural wealth and especially due to local craftsmanship and talent, the area’s glassmaking traditions have remained unspoiled for centuries.

Decorate your Space

Signature Designs offer unlimited design possibilities including different scales, compositions, colours, materials and surface finishes, construction principles and illumination methods. Jewellery and lighting serve a similar decorative purpose. One can consider the allure of jewels when designing for attractiveness but the refinement of the glass and the placement of each individual trimming is how remarkable lighting is created.

What are you looking for?

Have an idea of how Pearl Drop can add a touch refinement to your space? Get in touch and we will help you create a stunning light sculpture.