The Glencoe Club

Calgary, Canada

The Glencoe Club is a private sports and social club for the whole family in Calgary, Canada. The club underwent a 4-year staggered renovation and Preciosa Lighting was pleased to provide a number of lighting pieces for a variety of interior spaces.

A total of 36 different chandeliers, wall scones, table lamps, and floor lamps were created for this project, working alongside FRANK Architecture. The team at FRANK worked strategically to keep the club open during the renovation, working on one side of the club first and then moving to the other part when it was finished. The goal was a home-away-from-home for club members with fireplaces, millwork panelling, hardwood floors, and custom-designed furniture.

In one of the main gathering areas, Preciosa produced three horizontal ceiling fixtures each featuring eight smoky glass globe shades connected to a metal structure. Matching table lamps and wall sconces are also in this space. Adorable table lamps sit on the bar while sophisticated wall sconces with a ribbed optical glass cylinder finish the warm bar space. In a formal room, Preciosa’s opal frosted glass globes twist across the ceiling, connected to a thin metal stem. Preciosa delivered a total of 155 lights for the club.