Shanghai Rainbow Club House

Shanghai, China

In a luxury residence in Shanghai, there is a multifunctional club house sparking with light from Crystal Valley.

Preciosa designed and produced a breezy installation of hand-made crystal leaves that flows through the room. The leaves are a mix of crystal with bubbles, crystal with mica and bubbles, and champagne coloured crystal with bubbles and mica. The piece consists of 1000 leaves and each one was hand-blown by the same glass master to achieve a uniform look. A beautiful burst of blue hangs in one of the club house’s windows. The round shape radiates a variety of blue tones. The piece is made from hand-blown crystal using shades of blue, and smooth, optical décor. Other club house lighting by Preciosa can be found in the sales gallery and hanging in the grand staircase.

Interior Designer: A.RK Interior Design, Singapore

Photographer: A.RK Interior Design