Rosina at The Palazzo® Las Vegas

Nevada, USA

Preciosa Lighting Heats Up Las Vegas Speakeasy

It’s the 1920s. Prohibition is in full force in the US. Art Deco glamour is the sophisticated style that’s all the rage, especially at speakeasies, illicit bars that secretly serve the forbidden alcohol. The mysterious nature of these pubs, the irresistible pull of visiting one and the nostalgia that comes with the vibe now can be found in modern day Las Vegas.

Venetian Casino Resort of Las Vegas Sands Corporation tasked Simeone Deary Design Group, under a consulting agreement with Gensler, to create a cosmopolitan bar adjacent to the hotel’s casino. The design team at SDDG faced a unique challenge in designing a space alluring enough to attract casino floor guests interested in hand-crafted cocktails or a post-gaming nightcap. They created a persona to guide their design; a stylish 1920s Sicilian woman named Rosina. As Jessica Alexander (Senior Project Designer at SDDG) explains, Rosina is a charming and sweet woman who has an underlying secretive and seductive quality to her demeanour.

“The glass-enclosed room resembles a faceted jewel box featuring partially see-through spaces, reflective surfaces, and soft finishes,” Ms. Alexander said. Bold Art Deco patterns intrigue from the outside, while the interior has a decadent feel with a colour palette of black, champagne, amber, and blush. She says the lighting needed to reflect Rosina’s personality and bring her defiant glamour to life.

“The final lighting types successfully balance shadows of light and dark and illuminate the space from within,” Ms. Alexander said. “Elegant blush coloured crystal chandeliers, brass detailing, and crystal strands shimmer throughout the bar and inside the private banquette seating areas, all reflecting Rosina’s personal style and high-end taste.”

Rosina’s exotic appeal and one-of-a-kind accents led the space to be honoured with a 2018 Hospitality Design Nightlife Award for Best Speakeasy/Cocktail Bar or Lounge. Ms. Alexander believes the lighting adds sparkle and evokes a sense of the roaring-twenties party scene with a touch of romance and glamour.

“The lighting is charming and sweet with an underlying secretive and seductive quality,” she said.

Preciosa Lighting assisted in developing this aspect of the bar by crafting the custom lighting throughout the space. Simeone Deary Design Group has worked with Preciosa on previous projects and has always had a positive experience.

“The level of detail and care that the team takes throughout the entire process, from shop drawings to mock-ups, really makes a difference in the final product,” she said.

Simeone Deary Design Group is an award-winning design group, specializing in hospitality spaces. Ms. Alexander personally enjoys hotel projects because the varying spaces leave plenty of opportunity to tell a story. She also has her eye on current lighting trends.

“Lately I have been noticing a lot of brass material being used in lighting and unique shapes being used for shades and overall fixture compositions,” she said.

Ms. Alexander can’t emphasize enough the importance of lighting in public spaces.

“Great lighting and design has the power to bring a space to life and truly transform the guest experience,” she said. “Our goal with every design is to create a sense of place that results in a unique experience for guests. Thoughtful lighting selections, along with the layering of details, can deliver memorable concepts.”

Interior Designer: Simeone Deary Design Group under a consulting agreement with Gensler

Photos: Nathan Kirkman