Ritz-Carlton Hotel hong Kong


Reaching New Heights

Situated close to five hundred meters above port Victoria on the top floors of the International Commerce Center, lighting the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong demanded that we reach for new heights.

Our year-plus collaboration with three major international design studios from Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong resulted in exquisite lighting for the hotel’s lobby, corridors, restaurant and bar, spa and presidential suite.


Our greatest challenge was bringing to life the vision and concepts of three major design studios.

To execute this project we worked closely for more than a year with three major international design studios: SPIN from Japan, LTW from Singapore and HBA from Hong Kong. Despite the geographical distance, we managed to develop sixty lighting designs and dozens of glass samples for the client to choose from.


1 year
The entire project took just over a year to complete.

60 designs
The number of designs we developed and presented to the client.

10 meters
The length of the two lava-inspired fireplaces that decorate the lounge and bar.

100 000 crystal pieces
The number of custom-made crystal components decorating the windows in the hotel.

3 design studios
We worked closely with SPIN from Japan, LTW from Singaporeand HBA from Hong Kong collaborated.

Take a Tour

The Ritz-Carlton is located on the top floors of the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong’s Kowloon district, towering four hundred ninety meters above port Victoria. There you can see the final results of our work in the hotel’s corridors, restaurant, bar, spa and the exquisite presidential suite. Enter the photo gallery to view our lava-inspired glass sculptures, custom-made crystal window components and 3D glass rendition of Monet’s Water Lilies that we created for the lobby.