Private Residence

Shanghai, China

Pearl Drop is one of Preciosa’s most significant Signature Designs. A homeowner in Shanghai recently chose this light to make a statement in his home, hanging it through three levels in his stairway.

Signature Designs are notable for their ability to be completely customizable. We worked with our partners in the Tiamantti showroom in Shanghai to craft the perfect Pearl Drop for this unique space. The most challenging part of creating this piece was finding the right balance. It is a large piece and Preciosa engineers had to be creative in designing the correct support for the light which wouldn’t take away from the artistic design and wouldn’t be too heavy for the ceiling support. The narrow space of the staircase was another challenge. The light had to be hung and balanced in a tight area with no room for error. In the end, two thin but sturdy wires were added. These wires are not overly noticeable, lightweight and gave the installation the necessary support.

Pearl Drop’s spheres are made from triplex opal, a unique material that diffuses the light and hides any hotspots. These pearls are strung on a gold coated metal frame. The finished light is eight metres long, weighs 100 kilograms and boasts 175 pearls