Paradise Casino Busan

South Korea

The Paradise Casino is located on the first floor of the Annex Building of the Paradise Hotel Busan, in Busan´s Haeundae Beach. Preciosa, in collaboration with HBA Los Angeles produced lighting for the Main Lobby and the Atrium.

In the Main Lobby there is an installation of rings in five colors – smoke, rose, grey, amber and clear – which are composed from glass prisms. LED strips illuminate each prism and the lighting system allows the diming of individual rings. Assembly of the installation was challenging due to accomodating an existing beam.

Changeable - a 7.5 meter long lighting installation in the casino atrium consists of 16 organic shapes. The playful design concept ‚Amoeba‘, by Jaroslav Bejvl Jr for Preciosa – has been technologically improved by Preciosa designer Martin Prokeš. Thanks to LED Modules, the high quality optical glass tubes - graduated clear to frosted – are illuminated from inside. The brightness of each ellipse is individually adjustable.

Inspiration for Amoeba came from the perfection of the simplest ocean life form, simplicity which is capable of radically changing its own shape, direction, and even interconnection.

Credit (Interior Designer): HBA Los Angeles

Credit (Photographer): Paradise Casino Busan