Omni Louisville Hotel

Kentucky, USA

Explore the best of what Louisville, Kentucky has to offer inside and outside the Omni Louisville hotel. Located in a strategic downtown location, guests have all the fun of the city on their doorstep. Inside, the hotel’s décor was inspired by the local history and culture. Design firm Waldrop & Nichols Studio used deconstructed bourbon barrels, bridge trusses, copper, neon and steel to create a dynamic space which brings the essence of the city to every corner of the property.

Preciosa Lighting played on the industrial edge when producing the lighting for much of the hotel. A few highlights include the ten large metal and glass chandeliers dominating the lobby hallway. The design blends perfectly with the hallway’s bridge trusses. In the Pin + Proof speakeasy and bowling alley, guests can relax in the opulent atmosphere, and admire the clever metal sphere chandelier adorned with light bulbs. In another restaurant, Neighborhood Services, Preciosa’s Mercury reflects brilliantly off the brick walls. Elsewhere in the restaurant, large metal rectangular lights by Preciosa shine down upon the bar’s seating area.

Guests looking for some holiday pampering will appreciate the Mokara Spa. Above the reception area, clusters of crystal raindrop lighting cool the space. Those enjoying Louisville’s bourbon heritage will want to pay a visit to Bourbon Retail where brass and glass pendants line the large open room.