Intercontinental Hotel


The new InterContinental Barcelona located in the Catalan capital now shines with bespoke lighting from Preciosa. BrimeRobbins design studio led the transformation, taking inspiration from the property’s envious location. Their design direction focused on elegant interiors, sophisticated design, and bespoke décor. Preciosa Lighting created lighting installations for two of the property’s restaurants. Barcelona is a jewel on the Mediterranean Sea, and Preciosa’s lighting adds a sparkle to these upscale dining spots. 

The exclusive Quirat restaurant was designed with gemstones and geological geometries in mind. Quirat means carat in Catalan and the dining spot features custom textured glass and metal private dining walls, alongside crystal chandeliers. Preciosa created an installation using ‘crystal sheets.’ The hanging crystal components recall playful and bouncing reflections of light on the sea’s surface. This effect is enhanced by the structure of the glass components.

Co-founder and Owner of BrimeRobbins, Garrett Robbins shared with us his thoughts on the fixture designed for the Arrel restaurant. “The waving form of the lighting echoes the Mediterranean Sea to which Barcelona has an integral relationship.” Preciosa created a ribbon of light spanning more than 12 metres across the restaurant. The restaurant features large, street side windows and a screen with intertwining lattice. These elements, along with the curving lighting installation, create a contemporary dining space.