Hilton Bomonti Hotel

Istanbul, Turkey

The Meeting Point

The Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel and Conference Center is both the largest Hilton hotel and largest conference center in all of Turkey. In order to create a lighting design that would match a location as grand as this, we teamed up with London design firm GA International. While our signature Inspiral lights dance in the hotel’s lobby, we also illuminated the ante room, grand ballroom, spa, VIP lounges and Cloud Bar.

Dancing in the Lobby

Step into the Bomonti’s lobby and your eyes cannot help but be drawn to the dancing ribbons of crystal that wrap around each other in a passionate embrace. Created using our signature Inspiral concept, the combination of prisms and LED stripes that change the color of the light produces the illusion of movement. Invented by Preciosa Chief Designer, Jaroslav Bejvl, Jr., the Inspiral design is amongst our most successful concepts.

Lighting a Large Space

Some spaces need more light than others. The Sheer size of this one made it particularly demanding.

At twelve thousand square meters, the Bomonti’s conference center is the largest in all of Turkey. Maintaining the consistency of the light across such a large space presented unique challenges.