Divan Hotel

Adana, Turkey

The Divan Hotel Adana, is centrally located in the Seyhan district of Adana, and is the newest and most popular five-star hotel in the area. The hotel combines stunning architecture with stylish interior design. Preciosa - in collaboration with Emre Ozer, from the architectural studio Ozer+Tulgan, based in Istanbul - designed, produced and installed lighting in the Hotel Lobby and the Ballroom. 

The monumental horizontal rendering of the InSpiral concept – designed by Preciosa Design Team – dominates 555 square metres of the ballroom ceiling. The spirals consist of  perfectly cut crystal prisms, hung within a steel ribbon, which resemble the movements of dance in their dynamics. This impression is supported by illumination from RGB LEDs that change colour, giving the whole installation a sense of movement and fluidity.

When entering the Hotel Lobby, another beguiling composition commands attention – comprising of suspended glass components - aqua marine hand-blown crystal glass funnels and triangular glass rods of clear colour.