Ahrend designs interior spaces for offices, banks, hospitals, and other commercial and public buildings. When it was time to make their own showroom shine, they looked to Preciosa Lighting for a bit of sparkling assistance.

Art plays an important part in Ahrend’s interiors and their showroom doubles as a gallery. Based on the interior’s design, the light can be seen in the main entrance. “What seemed to be a complication in the beginning, ended up being an advantage. The fixture plays a very important role when welcoming guests,” says architect Matěj Kosík from Červený Klobouk Atelier who worked on the renovation. Guests will discover Preciosa’s Crystal Forest, a shimmering stream of crystal and light. More than 900 crystal clear and frosted glass rods hang on this installation and are illuminated by 12 spotlights on a black frame. The green wall in the space brings an element of nature to this forest.

Nature has inspired artists for centuries. The desire to imitate nature, to interpret it and to reproduce it can be found in Crystal Forest.