AC Hotel Madison

Wisconsin, USA

The concept for the AC Hotel Madison Downtown is elegant in its simplicity, providing a perfect blend of classic style and modern comfort. This hotel is the flagship of the new AC Hotels range. Preciosa designed, produced and installed Ridge Stone Wall in the Lobby and lightings in Lobby and Eno Vino Wine Bar & Bistro Lounge in collaboration directly with the hotel management. The initial inspiration came from the qualities and nature of snow and ice.

The majestic Ridge Stone Wall is the largest RGB wall Preciosa has developed and realized to date. Preciosa Lighting has its own Innovation Lab and designers under one roof, therefore the product development, design and installation of this sophisticated solution took only five months. Designers J. Vacek and M. Smid, creators of Ridge Stone and the initial idea of Ridge Stone Wall, also devised the technical solution of combining the glass stones with the technical circuit board.

The wall is a cinematic display made up of shaped glass stones, where each stone makes up one pixel. The challenge for Preciosa’s Innovation Lab was to create a printed circuit board and implement a LED panel into the original Ridge Stone model. The result is a 20 meter square printed circuit board which can be modified via remote access. The video scene can also be changed by hotel staff using a tablet application.

Credit (Interior Designer): Gary Brink & Associates Architects, Middleton