Ridge Stone Wall

Preciosa Lighting for AC Hotel Madison

Art Light

The AC Hotel Madison wanted a statement piece that would define their lobby. A lighting installation that would be captivating both day and night and add a bit of intrigue to their space. Interior design firm Gary Brink & Associates Architects called on Preciosa Lighting to fulfill that vision, which became the dynamic Ridge Stone Wall.

In-house Innovation

Preciosa’s Innovation Lab is why the company is able to produce the extensive types of lighting it does, creating new dialogues within a space. The Ridge Stone Wall is a cinematic display made up of shaped glass stones, where each stone makes up one pixel. Preciosa created a printed circuit board and implemented an LED panel to make the wall dynamic.

Easy App Control

The system allows for light movement in connection with music. Video can be shot via mobile and uploaded to the wall with a special tablet application. Designers can choose the colour scheme of the stones, and that combined with the ease of changing the wall’s scenes means complete customization for every client. Everything can be controlled wirelessly using an iPad.

Crystal at its Best

The stones that make up the wall are crystal components from Preciosa sister company Ornela. The Ridge Wall concept was created by Mr. Vacek and Mr. Smid. At the AC Hotel Madison, their wall is made up of 1,248 cut crystal components backlit by about 7,000 individual LEDs. The crystals are set at 90 degree angles on an aluminium wall with a black foil cover for maximum glitter.


With love from Bohemia

Crystal Valley, Bohemia is the home of Preciosa Lighting. Thanks to the region’s natural wealth and especially due to local craftsmanship and talent, the area’s glassmaking traditions have remained unspoiled for centuries.

Cultivation Continues

Since 1724, Preciosa has produced and cultivated chandeliers according to original Bohemian traditions. The Ridge Stone Wall is just one example of the contemporary foundations we are building on today.

Innovation Success

The majesticness and magnificence of the Ridge Stone Wall is testament to Preciosa’s desire to blaze a new crystal lighting trail. Designing our own technology means we can pursue our vision to connect people through light, as well as provide designers’ a place where they too can explore the incomparable possibilities of lighting and glass.

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