The Craft of Sparkle

Crystal lighting geometry

24. 10. 2021

Preciosa Lighting is pleased to introduce their newest Signature Design -- a crafted crystal lighting art masterpiece. Diamond Cloud is inspired by a special Bohemian cut and is designed to bring maximum brilliance to your space.

“The Diamond Cut is the basic inspiration for this design, and it also led to its name, Diamond Cloud,” said Preciosa Creative Director Michael Vasku. “When a crystal triangular rod featuring the Diamond Cut is lit, each of the facets looks different and adds a rich depth to the installation as a whole.”

Diamond Cloud is notable for the strategic arrangement of the rods. The deliberate design gives the installation diversity, layers, and a richness of rhythm. Every side of the light’s pattern has a different look because every edge is defined using a component with a different surface treatment. The smallest detailed cut on every component escalates the fixture’s overall appearance.

Included in the arrangement are the placement and amount of suspensions. This is important because if faceted crystals are not properly aligned, the installation can look chaotic. The Preciosa Creative Team properly aligns Diamond Cloud’s suspensions based on the vision of the designer regarding size, construction principles, illumination methods, etc. This ensures the completed installation presents a clean, luxurious look.

“Our aim with Diamond Cloud was to reduce the amount of crystal components to the relevant amount and align them correctly,” said Mr. Vasku. “Once they are properly oriented they appear organized but still maintain the sparkling quality that communicates the use of a precious material.”

Diamond Cloud, like all Signature Designs, was created to enhance the beauty which comes from combining highly cultivated crystal and light. Choosing a Signature Design helps designers streamline their design process while giving them the creative and technical support they need to include custom lighting in their interiors.