Seven Sparkling Gift Ideas

16. 12. 2018

Preciosa has a little something for everyone on your gift list.

Preciosa’s Flagship store is full of bright gift ideas this holiday season. Get inspired by our handcrafted heritage and contemporary design. Preciosa is excited to have launched an exclusive partnership with luxury Czech glass brand Verreum. We share some gorgeous Verreum recommendations here, but more can be discovered in the Flagship store. Don’t forget the gift wrap and have a very Merry Christmas!

Aurora, Verreum


Who doesn’t love one product that does double duty? Introducing Reverso, a clever set of glasses which flip over to ‘reverse’ into a different style. The playful line includes a champagne flute that transforms into a tumbler and a coffee cup that takes you through to the evening, when a turn of the hand creates a white wine glass.

Reverso, Verreum

Timeless and minimalistic, Aurora is a set of coffee cups and saucers. But that description does not do this whimsical line justice as the reality is a double wall glass cup which highlights the dark roasted hues of the coffee within. Aurora includes a latte, espresso and cappuccino cup as well as a set of mix and match saucers made from silvered glass or walnut.

Aurora, Verreum

Crystal Christmas

The sparkle of hand crafted crystal has no comparison. Winter never looked so fresh when you decorate with our twinkling snowflakes. Our newest jewellery collection looked to the stars for inspiration and the Libra lines features an elegant selection of earrings and necklaces. Gemini has an edgier look, with bright stones and fun geometric shapes.

Gemini, Preciosa

Make A Statement

Designer Sacha Walckhoff took inspiration from the petals of a lotus flower as they slowly bloom when designing Nelumbo. The piece is actually composed of three vases and its true beauty will be revealed as the chosen petals are added to the handblown glass vases.

Nelumbo, Verreum

For a tiny sculptural installation, Drops gleam from the tabletops. The smooth hollowed out space can easily hold candles or flowers, and the material’s sheen reflects them both. Drops come in both silver and bronze and feature one, two, or three spaces.

Drops, Verreum

Light It Up

It’s easy to add a fresh contemporary look to your dining table with the simple addition of a set of candleholders. The Adria line features a stylish Cubist shape that throws a patterned splash of light across the table. Choosing something in frosted glass is another beautiful way to add a fresh ambiance to your holiday meals.