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A Preciosa Fairy Tale

Inspired by the magical landscape of Crystal Valley

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The magical landscape of Crystal Valley has inspired the creation of three enchanting fairies to support children in need. Preciosa Lightkeepers created the exclusive fairy Světlunka, and along with crystal sisters from Preciosa Ornela and Preciosa Components, these fairies support the Czech branch of Unicef’s campaign, “adopt a doll, you will save a child.” Each fairy showcases unique processing techniques of Czech crystal.

The magical landscape

Kamenický Šenov’s fragrant forest, bubbling streams, and all-embracing hills represent beauty and goodness. In the morning, dew drops glisten, and light mists cover the landscape as nature slowly comes to life. As evening falls and the sun sets, the landscape lights up with a joyous swarm of fireflies and the light of thousands of bright stars.

In the middle of that beauty, Světlunka was born. She's a fairy that brings life-giving light and hope to human hearts.
Kristýna conjured up the light that dances through the Kamenický Šenov woods along with the colours of the meadows to bring Světlunka into this world.
It was brought to life by the skilled hands of master glass blowers and the imagination of designer Kristýna Schlenkerová.

Světlunka is made from hand-blown, clear glass, and her skirt is decorated with delicate coloured petals. The fairy lights up all over for a fascinating touch. Světlunka is the sister of two other brilliant fairies, Perlička and Krystalka, born from designers from Preciosa Ornela and Preciosa Components.

Perlička and Krystalka
Světlunka, Perlička and Krystalka

UNICEF celebrity doll auction

Světlunka and her two sisters combine crystal and the ability to do good. They will travel to the UNICEF celebrity doll auction in November to help outside their magical home.

The dolls will meet their new owners during a gala on November 21 in Prague at the Czech Museum of Music.

The 21st annual UNICEF charity auction is just one instance when Czech crystal and Preciosa help those who need a spark of hope.

Who is behind the project

Kristýna Schlenkerová

Designer Krystina Schlenkerová

Kristýna most often looks for inspiration in nature and architecture, which inspires her at every step.

Kristýna Schlenkerová Preciosa Lighting Designer

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