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Composition in Crystal is a Sparkling Star

Interactive installation wins iF Design Award

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Composition in Crystal, an interactive installation that debuted at Milan Design Week 2022, has been awarded an iF Design Award in the Interior architecture category. The international jury gave the musical installation high marks based on criteria that included the idea, form, function, differentiation, and impact.

Guests could “play” with the installation like a musical instrument and create their own crystal symphony. The installation featured outer “rings” reminiscent of sound waves and an inner heart divided into playable sections. It was a harmonious balance of art and design, enlightened by light and sound.

Composition in Crystal

Composition in Crystal was designed by our Creative Directors, Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug, with music design produced by award-winning sound designer Juraj Mravec. It brought rhythm and style to Milan Design Week through an interactive installation composed of light, crystal, and music.

Milan Design Week Composition in Crystal
Composition in Crystal


This is Composition in Crystal’s second international award. The installation was honoured with a Red Dot Design Award in 2022. The iF Design Award is one of the world's most important and prestigious design awards.

Every year, thousands of designers, architects, and companies worldwide participate to have their designs evaluated by independent design experts. This is the fifth iF Design Award Vasku & Klug and Preciosa Lighting have received.

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Our intention behind Composition in Crystal was to add another sense to our installations. We didn’t want to limit lighting to only the visual. By adding another sense, the strategy was to create more intense emotions, and create a bigger emotional impact. I’m very pleased the installation continues to resonate with people after the event.

Michael Vasku Creative Director at Preciosa Lighting

Crystal Spin is a playful organic light, shifting in space through shape and sparkle. This installation has two parts: crystal cylinder components and a frame. The components are flexible and reflective; designers can choose the rods and finish to create their desired style and artistry.

rystal Spin’s frame isn't simply a functional support. The frame can be shaped and finished as one wishes. This frame allows for Crystal Spin to be installed in atriums and skylights.

Composition in Crystal combined so many elements that are important to us, Crystal and light, but also curiosity, playfulness, and emotion. It was beautiful watching people discover and get excited about the installation. These projects are such a massive team effort; we’re thrilled to see everyone’s hard work rewarded by iF.

Andreas Klug Creative Director at Preciosa Lighting

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