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Kenshō - interior

Luxury at Sea

Award-winning yacht Kenshō showcases our bespoke lighting

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Connecting people through light can happen in any space at any time. When people are gathered together, the warmth and brightness of beautiful lighting can only enhance the atmosphere. Because of our desire to create these emotions everywhere, we are deeply committed to the maritime industry. Working with yacht and cruise ship architecture and design professionals, we’re able to bring the artistry of crystal and light on board.

Kenshō – The Ferrari of the seas

We recently worked on a fantastic yacht with amazing interior architecture Jouin Manku. The exceptional 75-metre mega yacht Kenshō brings together the highlights of residential and marine design to create a new definition of life at sea. This was the studio’s first maritime project, and quite soon proved itself to be an exceptional one.

It's notable for its striking exterior and outstanding interior, which contributed to it winning multiple awards.


  • World Superyacht Awards 2023: Motor Yacht of the Year
  • BOAT International Design & Innovation Awards 2023, Motor Yachts 500GT and Above: Best Interior Design
  • International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2023: Motor Yachts over 60m of the Year, Best Interior Design Award in category Motor Yacht over 40m, and Bathroom of the Year

A successful collaboration with Jouin Manku

Explore the art of creating memorable ambiances for yachts: An exclusive interview with Sanjit Manku of Jouin Manku on the award-winning yacht, Kenshō.

“For us, Jouin Manku, light is life. It’s really important in a project, it’s primordial, half of the ambience of a room,” Mr. Manku said. “Light is about ambience and creating a character in a space. It can also play a secondary role, which goes beyond light, part of the magic of Preciosa, which is light and glass, and the dance between the two things.”

66 bespoke lights

Lighting up Kenshō

"We created 66 bespoke lights with Jouin Manku. One of our briefs was to create soft, free-floating lighting fixtures inspired by the shape of a lighthouse. Mr. Manku explains where this idea came from. “We invent, we use something which is the basis of something which already existed, the hurricane lamp, something that has always existed on a boat,” he said. “We then take that and bring it to the present and the future. By designing things carefully so that they have a certain form and light quality, they give a very particular feeling of softness with hard materials.”

Using this inspiration we crafted a metal frame to resemble a lantern and a glass body to protect the interior light. Similarly styled lighting was also created for the outside deck, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and also offer portability for easy movement as needed.

Kenshō lightings
Nostalgic light elegance for the 22nd century

Nostalgic light elegance for the 22nd century

"What’s really beautiful with light, it is very nostalgic, it goes back to our history of lighting a candle, to the first time we wanted to protect that flame, and then had something to protect it from the wind because it was so precious. And hence this dance between the two materials started. And what we love is playing with this nostalgic notion, but at the same time figuring out how we can drag it, push it, escort it into the 21st and 22nd centuries."

One delightful element of our collaboration was how we both feel about the history and importance of light and how we can ensure crystal finds its place in interior design for future generations.

Sanjit Manku Co-founder and architect of Jouin Manku Studio

Kenshō - bathroom
Maritime lighting at its best

Maritime lighting at its best

We are a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of breathtaking lighting objects specially designed for yachts, cruise liners, and ships. Michal Dvorak heads our Maritime Programme.

Discover our Maritime Programme

“It was a joy to work with the Jouin Manku design team with their new take on yacht design,” he said. “In addition to the hurricane lamp-inspired lighting, we also created lovely pieces for the staterooms, owner’s bedroom and bathroom, and special lighting for cabinet shelves. All meeting the unique requirements of lighting onboard a ship.”

Daniel Čížek lightkeeper
Staying bright in the rough seas

Staying bright in the rough seas

The Preciosa Maritime team comprises skilled designers and design engineers using the best technologies. The design process includes solutions that help isolate all possible sources of resonation in metal and glass parts. Our in-house R&D team uses various testing labs led by professionals in the engineering, construction, and electrical fields.

“Every light installation goes through rigorous testing, including our ‘silent block’ technology to ensure tremble-free lights and a vibration test to verify the quality of construction during production,” Mr. Radan Panáček, Research & Development Officer explained. "We offer metal parts with a specialized surface finish, exclusively mixed to withstand harsh maritime conditions and we are testing the durability of materials in a salty chamber to ensure our lighting fixtures can withstand any sea route."

With production all done entirely in-house, all potential issues are fixed before leaving our facility. This means your lighting design is ready to sail upon installation and completion.

Experience matters

“You have to work with people who know how to marry technical abilities and poetic capacities,” Mr. Manku said. “And this is the work that we've done together, trying to make something that was technically very, very challenging, but at the same time, when you come up to it, it is just like a warm cup of coffee in front of a fireplace. On a day when it's snowing, its effect is 3,000 percent emotional.”

Discover our reference

We are thrilled to showcase the 66 bespoke lights that we created in collaboration with the renowned Jouin Manku for the exceptional 75-meter mega yacht Kenshō, built by the Italian Sea Group.

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