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Crystal Beat 2 at MDW 2024

Crystal Pixels pulsated with colours and beat rhythms in Milan

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We have unveiled an immersive experience of our new Signature Design, Crystal Pixels, at Zona Tortona for Milan Design Week 2024. The installation called Crystal Beat 2 presented a dazzling display of light and music inspired by retro gaming and early digital aesthetics.


Crystal Beat 2

Watch breathtaking colorful 3D lighting scenes created using the Unreal Engine, a 3D graphics creation tool for video games. Inspired by the graphics of early video game worlds, our installation shined at Milan Design Week 2024.

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Music to your eyes

The Crystal Beat 2 installation, designed by Preciosa Lighting Co-Creative Directors Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug for Milan Design Week 2024, was an extension of the Crystal Beat concept exhibited at Salone del Mobile in 2023. The Crystal Beat 2 installation consisted of ingeniously arranged, handmade crystal cubes – Crystal Pixels.

Each cube represented a single pixel as the basic building block of the image, and together they created an entire dynamic lighting composition inspired by game graphics and pixel art style. The interplay between the 3D sound system and the colourful lighting effects created an unforgettable sensory experience. Music to your eyes.

Crystal Beat 2 was a response to the changing culture around us. We all look to the future, but we also like to go back to the past full of nostalgia, beautiful memories, and experiences to remind ourselves of our favourite things that are now retro. Each suspended Crystal Pixel invited you back in time through dazzling light and musical expression while working with your current sensory experiences.

Michael Vasku Co-Creative Director at Preciosa Lighting

The dynamism of the installation was further enhanced by its connection to the musical accompaniment. The 45-minute-long playlist has been compiled by the well-known sound designer Juraj Mravec, who has been working with us for a long time and has participated in previous installations.

Entering our installation, Crystal Beat 2, at Zona Tortona, offered a sensory shift from the bustle of Milan during its most stimulating time. The lighting display, set against a dark interior, was designed to be completely immersive, lending a feel of infinity and transported visitors to early memories of digital interaction.

Andreas Klug Co-Creative Director at Preciosa Lighting

400 400 suspended crystal cubes – Crystal Pixels

In total, the installation consisted of 400 suspended cubes - "pixels". These contained 2000 individually programmable LED chips with 5-directional lighting that responded to the rhythm of the music in vibrant RGBW LED shades. This was the first colourful light installation we presented at Milan Design Week.

The entire installation measured 950 cm in length, 425 cm in height and 742 cm in width and was designed so that visitors could walk through it and indulge in a perfect immersive illusion of 3D sound and light.

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