Red Dot Seal of High Design Quality for Preciosa Lighting

26. 10. 2017

Making their decision, this year’s jury awarded Preciosa on two occasions - for the convincing design and creativity of our concept Cultivation of Chandeliers. Since 1724 and our Flagship Store in Prague. Needless to say, we are stoked...

Yet again, the appreciation from Red Dot Award, one of the world’s largest design competitions, lands in Preciosa’s lap. This time, however, our cause for celebration is twofold and we cannot be happier!

Placing great emphasis on the presentation of our work, we go to great lengths to convey not only the high quality of our products, but also the emotions delivered by the chandeliers and lighting fixtures born in the Crystal Valley, home to Preciosa.

The Red Dot Awards in the Communication design category are thus a huge compliment paid to the work delivered by our talented team and Vasku & Klug, Vienna-based architects and our creative directors, who have successfully transformed two of our public installations into unforgettable experiences.

Touch of creativity and invention from Vasku & Klug

Speaking to the audience in meaningful ways, the signature designs from Vasku & Klug were deemed highly original and recognizable, inviting people to enter the unique world of Bohemian crystal, its richness and the unlimited possibilities of our glass combining unsurpassable craftsmanship, creativity and innovation.

We have been awarded for high design quality and creative achievement employed in our Cultivation of Chandeliers concept, first introduced in Milan at Salone del Mobile, and our Flagship Store in Prague. It's humbling to know that we have been chosen among such strong competition. This year alone, Red Dot received more than 8,051 applications across 18 categories from 50 countries, setting a new record in terms of entry numbers. Knowing that our projects will also make it to the International Yearbook Communication Design 2017/18, we feel reassured that we are pursuing the right design strategy and will continue to do so in our next projects.

Given the success, we have decided to revisit the two exhibitions in the gallery below and give you the opportunity to explore the design concept and idea behind the two.

And just so you get an even better idea of what the unique world of crystal in our Flagship Store looks like, you may now enter its exquisite gates in a 360° tour on Google Maps. Do not hesitate and click here to find yourself under the crisp brilliance of our chandeliers!