The Preciosa Group reveals the secrets of glass along the Crystal Road

24. 7. 2021, Liberec

The Preciosa Group is pleased to be the general partner of the unique Crystal Road project in the iQLANDIA science centre in Liberec. The project is a fascinating exhibition which reveals the secrets of glass production and processing. Its highlight is Molecules, an interactive lighting installation from Preciosa Lighting.

iQLANDIA takes a fun and interactive approach to present different scientific disciplines including the principles of physical phenomena, the scientific and technical background of basic inventions and the magical power of the universe. Visitors can try out various experiments and simulators. Thanks to the support of the Preciosa Group, glassmaking and glass have also found their place here. Glass is presented as a material with interesting properties and the exhibit shares its exceptional role in the history of mankind.

The Crystal Road tells the story of Czech glass. In seven stops, visitors learn what glass is made of, how it is made and what role natural elements such as earth, fire, water, and air play in its creation. Visitors have the opportunity to study the physical properties of glass via the optical cabinet, try out optical instruments, take a colour vision test, and learn how glass is used in medicine and construction.

The highlight of the exhibition is an interactive installation called Molecules. Visitors can try their hand at different tasks and experience unique moments as part of a dynamic show of lights. Molecules consists of 167 crystal spheres, is 9.5 metres tall, and weighs 220 kilograms.

Molecules was inspired by the unique richness of Crystal Valley. The hand-blown spheres and their colours refer to this region - blue (water), amber (glass sand), and green (forests). White molecules represent the elements of scientific knowledge and constant innovation. Molecules was designed by Martin Prokeš, senior designer at Preciosa Lighting.

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, this extraordinary installation offers not only a charming combination of beauty, craft, and science and entertainment, but also an unforgettable experience. A visit to the science centre can also be completed with a mobile application. Upon completion of all tasks on the Crystal Road, visitors to the exhibition will receive a password, which they enter into the kiosk to activate an engaging light show. In addition, Molecules interacts with a fountain water show and features musical accompaniment.

Come and discover glass from every angle. Not only will you learn something interesting and fun about this local material, but by completing the Crystal Road, you’ll experience the unique feeling of bringing an interactive installation to life by activating the breath-taking play of light and colour.

About Martin Prokeš

Martin Prokeš has worked with Preciosa since 2011 and specializes in Maritime designs. Lighting fixtures for yachts and cruise ships must meet special requirements for safety and stability and Martin thrives on this challenge; designing lighting that shines under these constraints. His work is characterized by the use of cuts, colours, textures, and shapes which creates a sense of originality in his chandeliers. Martin has a degree in Glass and Jewellery from the Technical University of Liberec.


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