Join us on a little adventure to discover the Lightkeepers of Preciosa.

Our people are the heart and soul of Preciosa, and their stories are as inspiring as their craft. We are shining a new light, not on a space, but on our people. The people whose passion for crystal, tradition and light create the stunning installations found round the world.


Meet a metal specialist

Glass is what makes our chandeliers sparkling works of art. But there’s another material important to our craft: metal. Kamil Hofman has worked in our metal foundry for 15 years. Using models hundreds of years old, his work adds a custom, decorative touch to Preciosa’s lighting.

Meet a trimming specialist

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Meet a Master Glass Cutter

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Meet a glass master

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Meet our CEO

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Our hands craft the glass. Our heads remember our heritage. Our hearts keep the tradition.