Join us on a little adventure to discover the Lightkeepers of Preciosa.

Our people are the heart and soul of Preciosa, and their stories are as inspiring as their craft. We are shining a new light, not on a space, but on our people. The people whose passion for crystal, tradition and light create the stunning installations found round the world.


Meet a Preciosa designer

You’ve met some Lightkeepers who shape our materials. But before they can get to work, someone needs to provide a lighting end goal. That vision comes from our designers. They use their knowledge of crystal, lighting, and the latest technology to create inspiring installations for projects around the world.

In our latest Lightkeepers episode, you’ll meet Anna, who’ll share what she loves about her job and where she finds inspiration.

Meet a Preciosa family

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Meet a metal specialist

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Meet a trimming specialist

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Meet a Master Glass Cutter

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Meet a glass master

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Meet our CEO

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Our hands craft the glass. Our heads remember our heritage. Our hearts keep the tradition.


We’ve met a lot of Lightkeepers keeping our traditional crafts alive. But Preciosa’s lighting of today definitely falls in the innovative and contemporary categories. Our next Lightkeeper comes from our Research & Development department. Don’t miss Daniel Čížek discussing the alchemy that he produces from technology and glass. Join us as we follow the light.