Good Luck Glow in Macau

1. 5. 2018

Preciosa realizes one of its largest projects in Asia

Macau is known for its glitz and glamour, high-stakes gaming and non-stop entertainment. MGM Cotai is the second MGM property in Macau; a high-tech resort seamlessly weaving art and entertainment into a destination experience like no other.

Opened in February 2018, Preciosa Lighting worked with Friedmutter Group Architecture & Design Studios on a number of lighting installations in the casino areas. In Mass Gaming, a wave of 14 chandeliers guides visitors along the corridor while in High Limit, 16 chandeliers formed from clear and frosted round glass spheres and crystal spirals shine down on the players. In Supreme Gaming, the entire space is aglow with lighting from Preciosa, including chandeliers from hand blown glass. Wall sconces and table lamps add an additional layer of atmosphere and design.

While Preciosa and Friedmutter Group have worked together before on projects in the US, this was their first Asian cooperation. Ping Ku, Vice President of Friedmutter Group, shared his thoughts about lighting design for a space such as the MGM. He says there are different factors that go into choosing the right lighting.

“For example, for restaurants, key factors are the type of food and the level of service/ price of the restaurant,” he said.

For such a large project as the MGM Cotai, a number of designers collaborated on all aspects of the resort’s final look. For example, in the Emerald Lobby, Preciosa’s amazing installation dazzles guests with a glass and metal fixture which cascades down to a bespoke candle holder underneath. This singular piece is actually made from magnifying glass and magnifying mirrors and was designed in conjunction with Burega Farnell. In the Spectacle Lobby, Rockwell Group and Preciosa cooperated on the lovely display of amber and blue glass leaves.

The MGM Cotai offers a stunning space for guests to relax. AB Concept and Preciosa worked together in their gym and spa to create a fascinating ceiling concept that combines lighting and design, using hundreds of clear, gold, amber, and dark red glass leafs.

At the MGM Cotai, diners in Chún, a restaurant specializing in Cantonese cuisine, can enjoy special lights that consist of 100 pieces of one pendant design, covering the ceiling with sparkle, designed in conjunction with Jeffrey Beers International.

Mr. Ku said he was quite pleased with the finished design.

“Since we did not work on the entire project my personal surprise is how well the entire project looks together,” he said. “This is from MGM’s direction to each designer and keeping all designers on a homogeneous design path.”

He also has some advice on the importance of lighting to a space’s overall design.

“Lighting is super important, great design looks horrible if the lighting is bad,” he said. “Technical and decorative lighting will make or break the design of a space.”