Preciosa Lighting’s Contributions to Czech Industry Awarded

21. 12. 2020

Two honours in the Czech Industry Challenge 2020

The Czech Republic's industrial prowess is known around the world. Auto manufacturing, iron and steel production and of course glass are just a few of the country’s thriving sectors.

Czech Industry Challenge

This is the second year of the nationwide competition whose goal is to help companies build their brand in various branches/segments of Czech industry. There are six categories judged by a jury of 30 professionals. Preciosa Lighting saw success in the Industrial Photography and Vocational Training Support for Youth categories.

First Place for Preciosa’s Summer Camp

The Vocational Training Support for Youth category looked for programmes that provide a non-traditional and creative approach for youth to expand their skills and gain experience for future employment. Every summer Preciosa holds a summer camp at our production facility in Crystal Valley. Participants gain working experience in various departments, and are paid for their efforts.

Beautifully Captured

Preciosa also was awarded a second place honour in the Industrial Photography category for a wonderful shot taken in our supply warehouse by Igor Zacharov. He superbly captured the soaring shelves and filtered light that streams through the depository.

The image will be part of a travelling exhibition called Czech Industry Photo of all the winning photos.