Awarding Kazakh Design

27. 2. 2020

Preciosa Lighting sponsors the annual TANU Awards

The TANU Design Award is the first Kazakhstan prize recognizing professional achievements in the field of architecture and interior design. Preciosa Lighting was pleased to design and produce 22 trophies for this annual event.

From left to right, Laura Sharipova, chairman of the architect and interior designer association; Vladislav Popov, Preciosa Lighting and Meruyert Zhumagulova, member of the association

For the 2020 award, 91 projects from across the region were submitted. The awards offer two categories: Realized projects and future concepts. Preciosa was present during the awards, with business development manager Vladislav Popov giving the award to the winner of the Villas, Private Residences and Estates in the realized project category. It was a fitting connection as Preciosa regularly works with interior designers on lighting for luxury residences.

Preciosa Designed

Preciosa Lighting designer Petr Kořínek was inspired by architecture to create these two awards. One is reminiscent of a brick, with its amber colour and rough edge. Blueprints are one of the most important parts of any architecture project. The second award takes inspiration from such sketches to create an angular piece with a pop of pastel colors.

Community Evening

Preciosa is pleased to have the opportunity to support the design and architecture community through events such as the TANU Awards.

“It was a wonderful event, a chance to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones,” said Mr. Popov. “I thank the organizing committee for doing such an amazing job and giving regional designers the opportunity to come together and celebrate the work they do.”