A Light and Sound Extravaganza in Seoul

2. 6. 2020, South Korea

Preciosa Signature Design Showcased in South Korean Art Exhibition

Preciosa’s award-winning Signature Design Breath of Light is the design concept for ‘Hear Me Lights,’ part of a large-scale group exhibition at Seoul’s D Museum. The exhibition, called SoundMuseum, features 13 sound spaces that provide a variety of multi-sensory experiences. These include sound installation, audience-driven performance, interactive sound installation, light art, and visual music.


Hear Me Lights

With SoundMuseum, curators hope to send visitors on a journey through space, time, and sound; engaging with the aural world presented to them. Hear Me Lights is an artistic inclusion, featuring 500 hand-blown crystal spheres drifting in a soft pink space.

"Hear Me Lights is a wonderful example of our belief in the power of lighting to connect and inspire people," said Michael Vasku, Preciosa Co-Creative Director and Breath of Light Designer. "We are excited for visitors to experience this sound and light immersion and hope they will let themselves be enveloped in this delicate crystal space."

Breath of Light

One of Preciosa’s most memorable designs, Breath of Light was introduced at Milan Design Week 2018. This installation translates the flight of blowing bubbles into an abstract cloud of crystal spheres bursting with light and sound. It takes illumination interactivity to a whole new level with visitors becoming a part of it with every breath they share.

"It was such a pleasure working with the team at the D Museum," said Andreas Klug, Preciosa Co-Creative Director and Breath of Light Designer. "We are grateful to have had this opportunity to showcase one of our favourite designs and appreciate the time and dedication the museum has given to the SoundMuseum exhibition."

D Museum
5-6, Dokseodang-ro 29-gil,
Yongsan-gu, Seoul