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Almoosa Rehabilitation Hospital

Al Ahsa - Saudi Arabia



Wellbeing begins with crystal

The cutting-edge Almoosa Rehabilitation Hospital prescribes a refreshing environment as the first step to recovery. So they turned to Preciosa Lighting to create an inspiring lobby installation, a Dreamy Meadow, that soothes patients from the moment they walk in.

Step inside the lobby and you are instantly greeted by a dreamy crystal meadow that delicately stretches across equally impressive dimensions of 4,3 x 7,8 x 6,4 metres.
Look closer and you’ll witness the crystal meadow blooming with countless floral shapes like flowers, petals, and leaves. Elements are enhanced with iris lustre, gradients from clear to blue or overlayed crystal with centrally placed bubbles.
Inspired by the natural oasis that surrounds the premises, the crystal meadow installation weaves a meditative, calming and restorative atmosphere while still engaging in a dynamic narrative that only Mother Nature can script.
Blue flowers detail

Project in numbers

  • 928 hand-blown crystal components
  • 650 kilograms of weight
  • 14 x 7.8 metres of size
  • 8000 metres of wire used


Almoosa Rehabilitation Hospital

In the heart of Al Ahsa’s oasis, this cutting-edge health facility spans over 100,000 square meters. More than a traditional hospital, it serves as a sanctuary for health and wellbeing by merging modern medical care with contemporary architecture. The unique exterior and interior design fosters a deeper connection with nature, thus enhancing the healing process.
Almoosa Rehabilitation Hospital

Who is behind the project

Anežka Závadová

Anežka Závadová

For Anežka, the opportunity to work on large crystal lighting installations while bringing new ideas to projects motivates her.

Anežka Závadová Preciosa Lighting Senior Designer

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