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Lobby with the Crystal conopy

Almoosa North Tower Hospital

Al Ahsa - Saudi Arabia



Beauty of tranquility

The Almoosa North Tower Hospital offering world-class healthcare wanted an equally world-class installation that radiates a calming, yet enchanting vibe. The challenge was handsomely met by our dazzling Crystal Canopy that is as soothing as the sea breeze.

At the atrium entrance and lobby visitors are instantly greeted by a magical crystal canopy shaped from over a thousand crystal leaves that intertwine with existing architectural elements.
The more curious eye can enjoy exploring countless hand-blown frosted crystal leaves inked in gradients of green.
Crystal Canopy’s harmonious colour palette had to combine pleasing aesthetics with low arousal levels. Replicating the gentle greens from landscape and nature encouraged a tranquil design ambience for health-seeking visitors.
Crystal Canopy

Project in numbers

  • 1080 hand-blown crystal leaves
  • 900 kilograms of weight
  • 6 branches of crystal leaves
  • 7 metres long each branch


Almoosa North Tower Hospital

The soaring 17-story medical tower offers unparalleled levels of general and specialised healthcare. The hospital’s emblem is the local Sidra tree, which symbolises life and care for patients, visitors, and the local community. This reference to nature as a soothing force prevails throughout the hospital design where aesthetics become a nurturing remedy.
Almoosa North Tower Hospital

Who is behind the project

Petra Krčálová

Preciosa Lighting Designer Petra Krčálová

Petra looks for perfect, beautiful shapes in her lighting fixtures, from decorative classics to modern, clean lines.

Petra Krčálová Preciosa Lighting Designer

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