Spago Restaurant, Bellagio Hotel

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Spago Las Vegas relocated in 2019 to the Bellagio Resort & Casino. Preciosa Lighting was pleased to contribute to this exciting venture with chandeliers and table lamps that give a warm glow to the dining space. The design was a collaboration between Gelila Puck and Italian architects Massimiliano Locatelli and Annamaria Scevola of Locatelli Partners.

The stage is set for the warm feel of the interior with a Preciosa chandelier gracing the entrance. Sixty glass blocks of varying lengths are fixed to a metal plate. Moving into the main dining space, two similar chandeliers can be found. Each one consists of 52 amber and Champagne coloured glass blocks individually placed on a brass plate for the ultimate in golden reflections.

Lamps, both table and fixed, as well as a set of vases follow the same shape and colour scheme for a unifying touch. All the lighting Preciosa delivered for this project is dimmable, giving the restaurant the ability to set the ideal lighting mood throughout the day.