Bellagio Casino and Spago Restaurant at Bellagio Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Bellagio is one of the premier resort hotel casinos in Las Vegas. It opened in 1998 and on its 20th anniversary, current owners MGM Resorts International undertook some modernization work which Preciosa Lighting was pleased to contribute to.

The Bellagio casino is an expansive space, catering to its special guests. As part of the revamp, Preciosa worked with interior designer Natasha Sanchez from the MGM Resort International in-house design team to create nearly 70 chandeliers, more than 30 wall sconces plus a 4-metre statement chandelier in the main space.

Sparkle was the theme for the lighting, with Preciosa’s own Stardust adding the extra glitz that is practically necessary in a casino. The chandeliers are each about one metre in size and feature a combination of crystal and stardust-covered shades plus the arms are covered in small crystal prisms. This style is replicated in the wall sconces. The large chandelier is classically shaped and styled with curved arms and a combination of crystal glass and stardust-covered shades.

Spago Las Vegas relocated in 2019 to the Bellagio. Preciosa was pleased to contribute to this exciting venture with chandeliers and table lamps that give a warm glow to the dining space. The design was a collaboration between Gelila Puck and Italian architects Massimiliano Locatelli and Annamaria Scevola of Locatelli Partners.

The stage is set for the warm feel of the interior with a Preciosa chandelier gracing the entrance. Sixty glass blocks of varying lengths are fixed to a metal plate. Moving into the main dining space, two similar chandeliers can be found. Each one consists of 52 amber and Champagne coloured glass blocks individually placed on a brass plate for the ultimate in golden reflections.

Lamps, both table and fixed, as well as a set of vases follow the same shape and colour scheme for a unifying touch. All the lighting Preciosa delivered for this project is dimmable, giving the restaurant the ability to set the ideal lighting mood throughout the day.