Lodha Venezia

Mumbai, India

Lodha Venezia, who intrigues by offering a slice of Venice in Mumbai, is a planned luxury residential development in the heart of the city. There are two housing towers plus a range of amenities for owners. Preciosa Lighting helped bring a Venetian feel to the gorgeous main lobby of one of the residential towers.

Preciosa worked with Lodha Group, Mumbai and HBA Studio Singapore to create three hanging installations that complete the lobby’s warm and welcoming feel. Hand-blown plates were created from a mix of crystal, opal with crystal, grey, and amber with opal glass. These were carefully hung in place to create a look of falling flowers guiding residents through the space.

The production of these plates is a speciality of the Preciosa glassworks. Skilled glass masters first blow one colour on their pipe, then a second colour of glass is added, then a third. At the final stage, the glass master must shift the glass ball on the pipe and use pincers and pliers to create a hole. The material is again heated and the pipe is spun rapidly. This centrifugal effect creates the plate.