JW Marriott Hotel


The collections of handcrafted lighting fixtures narrate the story of glass in its various forms. The hotel lobby is dominated by a grouping of three wonderful seven-meter-high chandeliers. The ballroom is furnished in a traditional style, though the lighting fixtures illuminating its interior are anything but traditional. Other spacious rooms designed for conferences, exhibitions, as well as traditional Turkish weddings are located on the hotel’s lower level.

Ms. Kamila Kneidlova adds: ”Working on this project was a great challenge for all those involved, and the final product is the result of the creativity, energy and hard work of our project team, interior designer (Solano Architecture) and the investor himself (Özdogan Grup), whose vision of an exceptional, luxurious hotel was a helpful guideline and stimulus for our efforts. It is fabulous to design and build chandeliers, but it is much more inspiring to create stories out of them. And the story of the JW Marriott Hotel is undoubtedly worth your personal visit.” 

Designed by Jaroslav Bejvl jr. for Preciosa