The Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Residences

Amman, Jordan

The Ritz-Carlton in Amman, Jordan is a hotel and private residence complex, bringing the best amenities and elegant lifestyle to guests and residents. Preciosa Lighting was asked to deliver a radiant touch to the upscale Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Residences, creating 270 chandeliers plus seven bespoke crystal sculptures.

Reflecting authenticity with a modern twist

Designers wanted a colourful splash for the all-white lobby and gave Preciosa designers free reign to create something magical using shades of blue, gold and opal. Inspiration came from the space, which is crisp and designed in a neoclassical style. Our master glass blowers were able to demonstrate their talents in free-form crystal making, as each component in each sculpture is a hand-blown original, and in a designated colour. The sculptures also showcase the optical properties of hand-blown crystal. Each sculpture is more than one and a half metres tall and features more than 115 individually hand-blown Bohemian crystal pieces in various shapes.

Magnificent Lord Chandelier

Our opulent and immense Lord chandelier makes two appearances at the Ritz-Carlton, one in the main lobby and a slightly smaller version in the second lobby. Lord is an extra-large chandelier inspired by our historic Maria Theresa. Both chandeliers feature hand-blown crystal trimmings in white. Lord was originally designed for a school in Japan, but its majesty has spread to China and now Jordan. Beneath the chandelier in the main lobby is a Lord-inspired, one-metre tall table lamp.

Classical touch of Chandeliers

In the Ballroom and Pre-function area, designers wanted a classical touch. We created six chandeliers with hand-blown crystal components and a polished stainless steel and polished nickel base. Each chandelier is two and one half metres and weighs 250 kilograms. They are adorned with hand-made glass arms and hand-cut crystal components and decorated with two baskets of crystal octagons. Ten similar smaller chandeliers are in the Pre-function area, beautifying the space again with hand-crafted glass arms and crystal components.

Elegant design for guestrooms

For the guestrooms, more than 250 chandeliers were created. Every one features six arms from clear, hand-blown glass and a champagne metal base. The elegant design has fabric shades and is free from trimmings.

Your lighting partner

This large and luxurious project was brought to life by Marriott International and Al Eqbal Real Estate Development, with the architectural design and interiors done by WATG and Wimberly Interiors, Dar Al Handasah, and Soura Madani House of Design.

Bespoke lighting can be incorporated into any project, even a large one such as the Ritz-Carlton Residences. We work with developers, architects, and interior designers to design lighting that enlivens spaces and creates emotions. What can crystal lighting bring to your next project? Let’s find out and get in touch to discuss your lighting vision!