Surprises Waiting to be Discovered

1. 4. 2019

Experience Joy, Life & Light at Euroluce 2019

Preciosa Lighting is gearing up for a fun and illuminating week in Milan. Salone del Mobile is 9-14 April and Preciosa will be showcasing a selection of joyful lighting. We spoke with Michael Vasku, Creative Director of Preciosa Lighting about our newest interactive installation, Carousel of Light.

Michael Vasku, Creative Director Preciosa Lighting

Won’t you take a ride on our Carousel of Light? Enter the pearl curtain, our colourful lights will lead your path. As you wander through, the lights above light up, fading away as you move on. The installation becomes a part of the vistor’s journey, lighting a beautiful crystal path as their exploration continues. To make it easier for people to absorb themselves in the spectacle, the platform rotates, allowing guests to keep their eyes focused on the pearls.

“Carousel of Light is composed of nearly 8000 spheres in opal, amber frosted, clear and pink frosted hues stretching eight metres in diameter,” said Mr. Vasku. “The spheres are hung in groups of four, almost 2000 suspensions in total.”

Creating Connections

Preciosa’s goal is to connect people and bring about emotions through light. This vision makes it easy to see why Mr. Vasku and co-Creative Director Andreas Klug decided on a carousel for Euroluce 2019.

“We always try to touch people emotionally and one of our strategies to achieve this is to use cultural archetypes most people experienced in their childhood,” said Mr. Vasku. “Using such ideals reminds people of an experience or feeling they experienced as children.”

Visitors to Milan Design Week 2018 may recall the breathtaking interactive installation Preciosa introduced. Breath of Light connected people when they shared a breath with the crystal bubble, creating a light and sound spectacle with fellow participants. The interactivity of Carousel of Light is just as illuminating, although Mr. Vasku was careful to only share a few hints, not wanting to ruin the surprise.

“There is a whole set of interactive elements, some of them are very visible and some are hidden and need to be discovered by the visitors,” he said.

Take a Ride

The most obvious interaction on the carousel is the light that is traveling above the head’s of the people who are on it. The light follows every movement. Additionally, the platform under the lights is rotating and moving people; one can observe this behaviour without walking which might create its own experience. And we can't forget that this is a true carousel, complete with rocking horses. The lights behave towards these horses just as they do to the visitors. Once a visitor sits on a horse and starts rocking, the installation will respond to this action.

“I want to encourage everyone to come and experience this for themselves,” Mr. Vasku said. “And what else might happen? For example, if you stand in the centre of the carousel and hug someone? Come, explore and let your inner child out!”

Signature Designs

The design of Carousel of Light is based on one of Preciosa’s Signature Designs, Pearl Curtain.

The Pearl Curtain concept is inspired by the rich draping of curtains in formal spaces. The gentle movement of textile is translated into soft waves of vertical component groups that are best viewed from the side. Similar to curtains, the design allows for the “layering” of colours or materials. The component group is a number of spheres hanging above one above another on a single suspension cable, creating a vertical cluster. Different illumination options are possible to make the design completely customizable. The design presents a rich and opulent geometrical impression while keeping a clearly contemporary style.

Join us!

9-14 April, 2019
9:30-18:30, daily
Milan Fairgrounds, Rho
Pavilion 15 Booth A37 B34