Play the Sound of Light

1. 6. 2022

Be your own conductor at Preciosa’s Composition in Crystal

Be it a breath, a hug or the cheering of glasses; Preciosa brings a sense of playful fun to light. Milan Design Week 2022 may be a few months later than originally planned but Preciosa’s quest to connect people through light will not be interrupted.

Andreas Klug and Michael Vasku, Creative Directors Preciosa Lighting

In 2018, Breath of Light made its debut at Milan Design Week. In this installation, visitors blew into special sensors that translated their breaths into a sound and light spectacle. Later that same year, Pearl Wave was introduced; when visitors clinked glasses to ‘cheer,’ the installation joined in the happiness with a wave of light. At Euroluce 2019, Carousel of Light incorporated a social element along with the sense of touch, both achieved through hugging.

“These aspects also communicate that light installations can be artistic too,” Mr. Vasku said. “Our next step was how to make the sound element more sophisticated.”

Preciosa’s installations have integrated sound every year since 2015. At Euroluce 2017, the sound element was almost subliminal. Different corners of the exhibition had different background ‘noises.’ Moving through the space, visitors got an acoustic impression; it changed the feeling of the installation, but people didn’t always identify that change as the sounds. In Breath of Light, the sound travelled with the light, creating a three dimensional impression. Carousel of Light had a layering of sounds. When people stepped on to the carousel, the music changed, as well as when visitors hugged.

“We wanted to combine these experiences and bring sound to another level,” Mr. Vasku said. “We wanted to create sounds that don’t only support the installation but have it be central to the design--to translate music into a light installation.”

Mr. Vasku and fellow Creative Director Andreas Klug have designed Composition in Crystal. The installation brings rhythm and style to Milan Design Week through an interactive installation composed of light, crystal and music. This is a harmonious balance of art and design, enlightened by light and sound.

The installation is based around one of Preciosa’s Signature Designs, Crystal Spin. This large-scale exhibition consists of outside ‘rings’ (reminiscent of sound waves) and an inner heart. This heart is divided into three playable sections. In one section, the lengths of the components are adjusted to fit the musical scale. Those knowledgeable about music will be able to play simple melodies using a mallet. Those with a tin ear can still play the other two sections. Every time a component is hit, you will hear a physical tone but the action also triggers a sound sequence. Dozens of sample song bits have been created and programmed into the installation. A different sample plays every time a component is hit and the layering of the sound sequences creates a robust composition of positive, light sounds. No musical expertise needed to compose a fresh, fun tune.

All the sounds will be translated into light which travels through the outer components surrounding the visitors. The rings are arranged so you can’t really see the centre, but it is glowing to draw you in, compelling you to explore the installation.

“We want to create curiosity in visitors,” Mr. Vasku said. “The installation works for people simply observing it and for the brave who explore it. You’ll experience a different feeling from outside the circle, from inside the circle and from the heart of the installation.”

The entire installation is crafted from crystal bubbled cylinder components.


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