Inspirational new design

6. 12. 2020

Inspiral is Preciosa’s latest Signature Design. Signature Designs are authentic, timeless and celebrate design. Designers can take our designs and create lighting that meets their space’s specifications.

Crystal Customized

Inspiral is created from a specially formed stainless steel ribbon that can be bent and shaped as desired. The fixture is carefully assembled to create an organic installation, taking full advantage of the prisms that form the light’s sparkling band.

Inspiral is formed from cut prisms which create its signature sparkle

For Preciosa Senior Project Designer Alena Hlavatá Němcová, Inspiral is ideal for designers because of its dynamic qualities and flexibility. “The flexibility of this fixture is really its most important element,” she said. “The technology we created around the flexible steel ribbon puts creative control into designers’ hands.”

Inspiral’s specially formed stainless steel ribbon gives the light its flexibility

Light as Art

For large and public spaces, Inspiral offers the opportunity to design an eye-catching central installation. It also gives the option of creating a customized light for a smaller space. Inspiral would be a lovely addition to private residences including entrance halls, staircases, above a table, etc. The installation only requires fixing via a few points and support cables. This makes it particularly suitable to hang freely in a space, visible from all sides, even from the top.

Inspiral is a highlight in smaller spaces, like over dining tables.

“The fact that Inspiral is a 3D design is quite important,” says Alena. “The advantage of 3D design is that it looks different from different perspectives.” This light sculpture changes its character when seen from varied viewpoints; from some angles a section seems broad, from another narrow and vice versa from yet another view.

The magic of Inspiral is how its look shifts when experienced from different points of view.

Designer Friendly

Preciosa has a selection of pre-designed Inspiral’s to demonstrate different typologies. Designers can choose one of these versions, modify it to better suit their space or start from scratch and sketch their own composition.

This Inspiral shows what crystal can bring to a private residence

“Inspiral’s flexibility allows designers to play with the concept and get creative designing a custom light for their space,” said Michael Vasku, Preciosa Creative Director. “Starting with a basic line, we can move on to geometric shapes, even creating bent and twisted curves to design dynamic and organic installations.”

Inspiral is ideal for a central space, such as a reception desk. Designers love the freedom to create that Inspiral offers.

In addition to Inspiral, the Preciosa Signature Design family includes Pearl Drop, Pearl Wave, Pearl Curtain and Breath of Light. Each Signature Design offers unique attributes but they all make designing a customized light a convenient and intelligent way to include creative lighting in any interior.