Illuminating Nature: Exploring Emotion Through Light Installations

2. 10. 2023

Nature inspires designers worldwide, helping them create interiors that evoke strong emotions and feelings. Our in-house designer, Martin Prokeš, drew from this connection to create the Crystal Rings for the Grandhotel Pupp in the Czech Republic, which we recently discussed.

Martin, how long have you been at Preciosa, and how did you get into designing crystal installations?

I joined Preciosa in 2011 after discovering my passion for glassmaking during my studies. I attended the Secondary Glass School and later pursued glass and jewellery design at the Technical University in Liberec. In 2009, I won the Master of Crystal competition, catching the eye of Preciosa. After completing my studies, I was fortunate enough to be offered a job there.


Does the use of natural elements in designing lighting installations offer any advantages?

Yes! Nature's diversity is an excellent source of inspiration when creating installations. To start, I identify the theme and choose the appropriate form. The natural world offers endless stories to draw from. The distinctive colours, shapes, and curves of landscapes like mountains and oceans inform my design choices for clients. I aim to channel nature's emotions into my installations as a designer.


You design lighting fixtures for various types and sizes of interiors. How specific is crystal as a material?

I love manipulating light through glass to create different effects and moods. The shape, texture, and structure of my chosen glass components depend on the desired outcome. Preciosa DesignLab has been a great tool for collaborating with colleagues and exploring crystal components with different treatments, colours, and lighting methods. It's a magical place where light and crystal come together.


Are there any natural elements and motifs that are more popular?

Each project requires a unique approach and draws inspiration from various sources. Petals, butterfly wings, blooming flowers, and natural elements such as landscape curves, bubbling water, or raindrops often inspire me. The inspiration for each project also varies depending on its target market. We undertake installations worldwide so conduct thorough research on the territory before starting work on the design, including studying the area's flora, climate, and trees.


Which of "your" projects inspired by nature are you most proud of?

Honestly, I don't have an all-time favourite. I used cut crystal rods for the Kempinski Engelberg Grand Titlis Palace in Switzerland to create panoramic views of the stunning Alpine massifs. I also like Stanica Nivy in Bratislava, where I made a beautiful installation inspired by drops of water. And, of course, the Bubble Rings light fixture at the Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary.


Preciosa is part of Crystal Valley. We have a glass factory and an in-house design team here. Does the region here inspire you in your work?

Working in Crystal Valley is a great benefit of my job. The beauty of this place offers inspiration for everyone. I enjoy the blooming meadows, rolling hills, and winter landscapes. My family and I settled in the Jablonec region because we love it so much.